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Today’s job market is markedly different than a few years ago, and  job search strategies have evolved accordingly. We remain up-to-date on  the latest recruitment technologies and best practices to be your best  ally. We help our clients navigate the shifting landscape and apply  solid job search strategies to access the hidden job market and find  fulfilling work.

We have expertise in creating resumes that are personal marketing  documents formatted and optimized for the latest Applicant Tracking  Systems.

We offer interview coaching and unique programs to help our clients  prepare to interview confidently the way companies interview today –  phone, text, one-way video, live video, in-person, panel, and  demonstration interviews.

We work with clients at any stage of their career and create a  customized career plan for each client which can include identifying  realistic career options, career coaching, resume writing, LinkedIn  profile writing and strategies, career assessments, goal planning, job  search strategies, personal branding, interview preparation, salary  negotiations, and more.

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Sarah Brocks, CMCS

Sarah Brocks, CMCS


Sarah Brocks, CMCS, is the founder of Eaglerock Career Services.  She has 12+ years experience helping job seekers set goals, discover  passions, and develop skills to soar upward their careers. Sarah balances being  positive and encouraging with being honest and realistic. She works with you to promote your strengths and skills, helping you  feel empowered as you undertake the challenges ahead of you.

Sarah is a professional career advisor and coach. She earned her  Certification as a Master of Career Services (CMCS) from the National  Career Development Association, her law degree from Cornell Law School,  and her Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers College. 

Her work as a career  counselor began at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York  City. She helped law students and practicing attorneys find niches and  negotiated placement opportunities with law firms, companies, and  nonprofits. She taught workshops on resume writing, interviewing, and  professional networking. Her performance earned her two promotions and  awards for public service and dedication.

Her community involvements include service on the Board of the  Montclair Public Library Foundation, on the Advisory Committee of the  New York City Bar Public Service Network, and as an Arbitrator for the  New York City Civil Court, Small Claims Part. 

Career  changes, whether they are due to unhappiness at work or job loss, are  enormously stressful for most people. With Sarah in your corner, you  can’t help but feel excited about the next chapter of your career.